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Checking the Hesco bill online is not a tough job now. Just need to enter your reference number. Hyderabad Electric Supply Company operates in the province of Sindh Pakistan. Reports have revealed Hesco has over 1,178,412 consumers who can check their Hesco Bill Online. It operates in  12 districts of Sindh province. Hesco is doing its best to give a smooth and streamlined power supply to its consumers.

Hesco is on a mission to supply electricity for the development and prosperity of its consumers living in the area covered by it. They have a vision to distribute power to their people putting a constructive role in society. Consumers are satisfied with the bill-checking system online provided by the company. If they did not receive their Hesco bill physically then they have the facility to check the Hesco bill online. They are required to enter 14 14-digit reference numbers and get a duplicate Hesco bill staying at their home.

According to the CEO of Hesco Online, their consumers are their first and foremost priority. His utmost tiring efforts are only for the proper career growth of his employees and feel pride in their job. Apart from the service of online hesco bill, It also provides online new connection services named as e connection service.

You can also check the new connection cost calculator on their official website. Previously it was known as Area Electricity Board (AEB) Hyderabad and operates under WAPDA. Later on, the Government of Pakistan rebuilt the structure and divided Wapda into many other sub-divisions.

How to check Hesco Bill Online

HESCO is an acronym for Hyderabad Electric Supply Company. Hesco’s website has made it easier to check Hesco Bill Online; as you know, quarantine has forced us to stay at home and rely on these services to acquire our bills swiftly. Go to their website, fill out the reference information, and get your digital invoice right away. Continue reading this blog article to learn how to check your duplicate bill using the website. You’ll have to visit our website to understand the billing system better and know how to read a bill. It may appear complicated at first, but it will be simple with the help of our provided materials. Basic terminology to understand the online billing system. These terms are shown in your duplicate Hesco bill copy.

Reference number

This is a 14-digit unique reference number that can be found on your bill. It is provided to identify the bill’s owner. You may have spotted a consumer ID and meter number in addition to your name and address.


The date on which your connection was established and certified by the electric supply company is visible on your bill copy.

Billing Month

It tells us the invoice for a particular month. 

Reading date

It is the date on which the meter reader took the meter reading.

Issue Date

The date on which the bill is issued for that particular month. 

Due date

The deadline by which you must pay your invoices to avoid incurring additional fees.

All these terms are shown here in a diagram of an original bill to increase your understanding of the system.

Steps to check Hesco bill online

This was the simplest way to tell and explain to our visitors how they could check their monthly bills of HESCO. If they did not know about the online process.

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