Mepco Bill Online

Mepco Bill Online


Enter your bill reference number to check the latest mepco bill online. Mepco stands for Multan electric power supply company. It is an electric power distribution company that supplies electricity to almost 13 districts of Punjab, Pakistan. It covers around  34 million people of south Punjab. It was founded in the year of 1998 and serving the consumers for 22 years continuously with dedication and lightning in their houses.

Mepco bill is distributed to the consumer monthly. They receive this bill and have to pay within due date. They can also pay it online or they need to bank and pay there. Paying after due date results in the extra charges. There could be many reasons for not getting their bill on due date but they still can have mepco online bill. To check mepco bill online is not a very complex. Consumers simply can visit and can check mepco online bill and download it. All banks across the country accept mepco duplicate bills and consumers can pay them without any hesitation. Online mepco bill has made life easier of the people of south Punjab.

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How to check Mepco Bill Online

Multan Electric Power Company, also called MEPCO, is responsible for the supply of electricity in the Multan region and its surroundings in the southern area of Pakistan. It was established in 1998 as one of the eight subcategories of WAPDA to ensure the prompt distribution of electricity in the allocated areas. This division proved quite helpful for all the country’s regions as there was a division of energy supply in the different regions according to the demand of that particular region, which ensures better performance from the company. The areas covered by Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO) are as follows ;










Dera ghazi khan


Rahim yar khan


So, if you need to confirm your electric power supply area and are from one of the cities mentioned above, then your location falls under MEPCO. Being the primary source of power supply to carry out most of the everyday tasks, electricity still stands as the most expensive energy source in our country. It is also noticeable that the more you use the electricity during peak hours (usually daytime hours) more the units are multiplied, and the more the bill is charged to the consumer.

It is always advised by the government of Pakistan on all platforms to lessen the consumption of energy sources due to a scarcity of energy resources in our country. Different ways to help yourself receive a decent amount of electricity bills are also mentioned at the back of every paper bill, sent to our homes/offices every month.

Every energy source is charged in the form of bills to be paid in the allocated banks of a particular area of consumers. The received bill also has a limited time in which it is supposed to be paid, and not conforming to that period, a substantial fine is charged. To avoid this inconvenience, there is always a way to help things work faster, and instead of waiting for your bill to be delivered until the last date, you can check your bills online.

As it might sound, it is not a difficult task to get a duplicate copy of your MEPCO bill online. As Internet has now made its way to every household of Pakistan; and it is just a matter of a few right clicks to get your bill from the Internet.

It is also noteworthy that to get a duplicate of your MEPCO bill; you do not need the CNIC number of any person in the family. Instead, you only need the 14 digit reference number from any of the old electricity bills. All you have to do is make sure that you have the correct reference number.

You can find the Due Date column in the above photo, which is the date before which your bill should be paid in the bank. In the red column that blinks, you can find the personalized reference number of your bill, which you need to get a new copy of the bill from the Internet.

Can I get a copy of the electricity bill from my mobile phone? Yes, you definitely can get a duplicate of your MEPCO electricity bill from your mobile phone. All you have to do is to visit our website

Then choose your desired utility bill from the list and click the CHECK BILL option by entring refrence number of your bill. Process is described below in diagram.

Chcek mepco bill online

Once you have entered the correct reference number, click the View button below it to find your duplicate MEPCO electricity bill. In case you cannot find the reference number of the bill, you can also use the option for customer id. You can log your customer id mentioned on the bill and click the View button to find your duplicate copy of the bill.

Our website is all designed for the convenience of our users. Besides electricity bills, you can also find other utility bills on our websites, such as Gas Bill and Water Bill.

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