Water Bill Online

Water Bill Online


Check your water bill online here. In the year 1976 Lahore development authority established the Water and Sanitation Agency to fulfill the requirements of water supply, draining system, and sewerage of water in the Province of Punjab, especially in Lahore region.

Wasa is headed by the Managing director and three other deputy directors who look at the organization. It has more than 600 employees and collects its revenue by selling water to consumers.

The government of Punjab overlooks this organization and issues funds to run it accordingly. Customers of Wasa are increasing day by day and this organization is striving for the prosperity and progress of the organization. WASA wants to make Lahore a clean and green and environmentally friendly city. It offers quality consumer service and quality water supply to residents.

It works in such a way that consumers use water on a daily basis and at the end of each month they receive their water bill. Some of them receive it manually at the doorstep and other people go to the online website and check wasa bill online. To check a water bill online is not a difficult job, you just need to go online on and enter your consumer id and get a duplicate water bill.

You can also check other utility bills online by visiting our site.

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How to check Water Bill Online

Every country has established separate departments to carry out responsibilities of various areas of demand and supply for its masses. Whether it is the supply of Natural gas to all the households (SNGPL), electricity supply, or even water supply, there are separate departments to look after the responsibilities of these organisations. This division ensures the better performance of every organisation and, in return, gains a better user/consumer experience.

Water and Sanitation Agency is also called WASA in Pakistan. It is a government organisation and is responsible for all matters related to Water. Whether the supply of drinking water or the sanitation of drained Water, WASA ensures that all the operations are run smoothly. The company provides the development of all sources to carry out the safe supply of clean Water to the consumers and look after any maintenance and repair while carrying out these tasks.

WASA was established in 1976 by Lahore Development Authority. It is responsible for covering the broad area of Lahore and its nearby regions of Punjab Province. The company is called LWASA for the Lahore region. The other provinces have the same name for their water supply agencies, WASA. Whereas Sindh is a huge Province in terms of consumers, it has established a separate company called Karachi Water and Sewerage Board, also called KWSB. It was established in 1983 and was responsible for the division of Water in Karachi and other significant areas of Sindh.

It is not a secret that the world is scarce in its water resources. Due to the lack of enough dams and an efficient sewerage system, Water is not stored correctly. Water is also a cause of tussle between different countries, and in the case of Pakistan, India is the biggest rival. As all water reserves in Pakistan come from India. The neighboring country blocks our water supply whenever it likes to create a silent war and heat the situation between both countries.

To save the argument, it is wise enough to use this rare energy source with extreme precautions. Water is used in households to drink and clean. Instead, it is one of the most significant resources of production of Electricity in Pakistan. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that wasting such precious resources is undoubtedly an irrational act on the part of consumers.

Like other energy sources, the water bill is also charged to consumers regularly. However, it does not cost as much as other utility bills. It still has to be paid before the due date.

If your water bill is lost or not received, you can get a copy of your WASA bill online from just by following a few short steps, and your bill will be there. Following are the steps you can follow to find a copy of your WASA bill from our website through the internet.

Go to the Internet Explorer of your Internet dev, be it a laptop or even a mobile phone. Type in, and you will be directed to the main page with the list of all power supply companies in Pakistan. To check your Water bill, scroll down to Water at the bottom of the page and click the CHECK BILL button in blue.

Water bill Image

This action will take you to a new page with following screen which you have to click.

Second dtep to check water bill

Once you click the green tab, you can see the following screen.

Final water bill pop up

Enter your eight-digit account number from your water supply bill and click Submit button. It will generate a duplicate of your WASA bill online.It is advisable to make wise use of all energy sources. It will reduce the cost of bills to end consumers and ensure the steady and uninterrupted supply of these sources in every household.

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