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In the year 1976 Lahore Development Authority established the Water and Sanitation Agency to fulfill the requirements of water supply, draining system, and sewerage of water in the Province of Punjab, especially in the Lahore region. Wasa is headed by the Managing director and three other deputy directors who look at the organization. It has more than 600 employees and collects its revenue by selling water to consumers. The government of Punjab overlooks this organization and issues funds to run it accordingly. Customers of Wasa are increasing day by day and this organization is striving for the prosperity and progress of the organization. WASA wants to make Lahore a clean green and environmentally friendly city. It offers quality consumer service and quality water supply to residents. It works in such a way that consumers use water on a daily basis and at the end of each month they receive their water bill. Some of them receive it manually at the doorstep and other people go to the online website and check the WASA bill online. To check a water bill online is not a difficult job, you just need to go online on checkbill.pk enter your consumer ID and get a duplicate water bill. 

How to check Water Bill Online

Every country has established separate departments to carry out responsibilities of various areas of demand and supply for its masses. Whether it is the supply of Natural gas to all households (SNGPL), electricity supply, or even water supply, there are separate departments to look after the responsibilities of these organizations. This division ensures the better performance of every organization and, in return, gains a better user/consumer experience.

Water and Sanitation Agency is also called WASA in Pakistan. It is a government organization and is responsible for all matters related to Water. Whether the supply of drinking water or the sanitation of drained Water, WASA ensures that all the operations are run smoothly. The company provides the development of all sources to carry out the safe supply of clean water to the consumers and looks after any maintenance and repair while carrying out these tasks.

WASA was established in 1976 by the Lahore Development Authority. It is responsible for covering the broad area of Lahore and its nearby regions of Punjab Province. The company is called LWASA for the Lahore region. The other provinces have the same name for their water supply agencies, WASA. Whereas Sindh is a huge Province in terms of consumers, it has established a separate company called Karachi Water and Sewerage Board, also called KWSB. It was established in 1983 and was responsible for the division of Water in Karachi and other significant areas of Sindh.

It is not a secret that the world is scarce in its water resources. Due to the lack of enough dams and an efficient sewerage system, Water is not stored correctly. Water is also a cause of tussle between different countries, and in the case of Pakistan, India is the biggest rival. As all water reserves in Pakistan come from India. The neighboring country blocks our water supply whenever it likes to create a silent war and heat the situation between both countries.

To save the argument, it is wise enough to use this rare energy source with extreme precautions. Water is used in households to drink and clean. Instead, it is one of the most significant resources of production of Electricity in Pakistan. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that wasting such precious resources is undoubtedly an irrational act on the part of consumers.

Like other energy sources, the water bill is also charged to consumers regularly. However, it does not cost as much as other utility bills. It still has to be paid before the due date.

If your water bill is lost or not received, you can get a copy of your WASA bill online from checkbill.pk just by following a few short steps, and your bill will be there. Following are the steps you can follow to find a copy of your WASA bill from our website through the internet.

Go to the Internet Explorer of your Internet dev, be it a laptop or even a mobile phone. Type in checkbill.pk, and you will be directed to the main page with the list of all power supply companies in Pakistan. To check your Water bill, scroll down to Water at the bottom of the page and click the CHECK BILL button in blue.

Water bill Image

This action will take you to a new page with the following screen which you have to click.

Second dtep to check water bill

Once you click the green tab, you can see the following screen.

Final water bill pop up

Enter your eight-digit account number from your water supply bill and click the Submit button. It will generate a duplicate of your WASA bill online. It is advisable to make wise use of all energy sources. It will reduce the cost of bills to end consumers and ensure a steady and uninterrupted supply of these sources in every household.

More about WASA

In the decades since its founding, WASA Lahore has taken over almost all water supply operations that were previously run by the LDA. The agency has invested heavily in rehabilitating Lahore’s aging water pipes, many over a century old. It has also built new tube wells, pumping stations, water filter plants, and sewage treatment facilities to meet the needs of Lahore’s rapidly growing population. Today, WASA Lahore supplies over 550 million gallons of drinking water to the city daily. It has laid over 5,900 miles of water supply lines and over 2,300 miles of sewer lines across its service area. WASA operates six major sewage treatment plants and maintains an extensive drainage network to manage stormwater and wastewater discharge.

As the sole public water and sanitation utility for millions of Lahorites, WASA provides an essential public service that is critical to protecting community health and supporting development. The agency faces huge challenges keeping up with demand and upgrading crumbling infrastructure in need of repair and replacement. However, WASA remains committed to fulfilling its duties sustainably and efficiently despite its constraints. Access to clean, affordable water and sanitation is vital for the population, economy and future of Lahore.

Mission and Vision


As the primary water and sewerage utility for Lahore, WASA has established the following key goals to guide its operations:

– Provide safe, clean drinking water meeting regulatory standards to all residents across Lahore  

– Expand sewerage collection networks and wastewater treatment capacity to serve growing communities

– Continuously upgrade, replace, and maintain aging water supply infrastructure to prevent leaks and contamination

– Manage operations efficiently and cost-effectively to ensure financial sustainability


The official mission statement of WASA Lahore is:

“To improve health and quality of life for the citizens of Lahore by providing high-quality water, sanitation, and drainage services through sustainable practices and effective resource management.”


To work towards its mission, WASA Lahore strives to meet the following long-term objectives:

– Increase accessibility, availability, and affordability of water and sanitation services citywide

– Protect public health through the provision of safe drinking water meeting quality standards and effective wastewater collection and treatment  

– Manage Lahore’s precious water resources responsibly and sustainably

– Modernize and upgrade infrastructure through strategic capital investments and maintenance programs

– Provide excellent customer service and responsiveness to public concerns and complaints 

– Promote water conservation awareness and practices in the community

Detailed Explanation of the Water Bill

WASA Lahore’s monthly water utility bills contain detailed breakdowns of all the charges, fees, and taxes that make up a customer’s monthly water bill. Understanding how to read and interpret your bill is important for all WASA account holders. Some key components include:

Service Period

This shows the billing month or 2-month cycle during which the water usage and charges were accrued. Bills are generated monthly or bi-monthly depending on location.

Due Date

The due date is the last date to pay the bill to avoid late payment penalties. Bills are usually due within 10-15 days. 

Previous Balance

 Any unpaid dues from previous bills are shown here as the previous balance carried forward. This could include late fees.

Current Charges

This section provides a complete breakdown of all charges for the current billing period including fixed monthly charges, variable usage charges, and applicable taxes.

Fixed Charges

Fixed monthly charges are for water supply, sewerage, and meter rent. These are billed at a flat rate regardless of usage.

Variable Charges

These charges depend on the volume of water consumed based on meter readings. Higher usage leads to higher variable charges.


Federal and provincial government taxes like GST and PST are applied to the services.


If a previous month’s bill was not fully paid, the unpaid amount is shown as arrears. Any late fees incurred also add to arrears.

Total Amount

This shows the total payable amount including all current charges, arrears, and taxes. 

Carefully examining each section provides insights into consumption patterns and helps identify billing errors if any. Customers should read their bill carefully each month to understand their water usage and payment responsibilities.

Various Payment Methods for WASA Bills

WASA Lahore offers customers multiple ways to pay their monthly water utility bills, both through traditional offline methods as well as newer digital payment channels. 

Traditional Payment Methods

Some traditional options for paying WASA water bills include:

Paying bills over the counter at authorized bank branches is a common method. Customers can visit designated branches of ABL, MCB, Allied Bank, Bank Alfalah, etc. with their printed bills and make cash or cheque payments. Banks charge a small fee per transaction.

WASA has also set up cash counters at its zonal offices across Lahore. Customers can directly visit and submit payments at these counters. However, queues and delays are common, especially near bill due dates. 

Submitting payments at designated Pakistan Post Office branches is another offline option. Customers need to fill out a postal money order form along with a printed bill before making a cash payment. Post offices charge minimal fees.

These traditional methods require visiting banks, post offices, or WASA counters in person during operating hours. Long waits are an inconvenience.

Digital Payment Channels

WASA Lahore has introduced various digital channels and payment partnerships to help customers pay bills remotely anytime:

Bill Payment via myABL Internet Banking

ABL account holders can easily pay WASA bills via myABL Internet Banking. Simply log into your myABL account online and under bill payments, select WASA Lahore. Input your 13-digit WASA account number, and bill amount, and complete payment using your saved bank account. Internet banking enables 24/7 payments.

WASA Bill Payment on myABL Mobile App

ABL’s mobile banking app allows on-the-go bill payment. Open the myABL app and go to payments. Choose WASA Lahore, and enter your account number and bill amount. Review and submit. Payment can be completed using your registered debit card or bank account.

WASA Bill Payment via myABL Wallet App

For quick payments, the myABL Wallet app is convenient. Open the app and go to bill payments. Select WASA Lahore, enter your account number, and amount, and pay directly through your mobile wallet balance.

WASA Bill Payment via ABL Phone Banking

ABL’s phone banking IVR menu allows payments without visiting a branch. Call the helpline and select a bill payment option. Choose WASA Lahore as a payee, enter your account number, confirm the amount, and complete payment through your registered bank account. 

WASA Bill Payment via ATM

Any myABL ATM machine can be used to pay WASA bills. Insert your card, select a bill payment option, and input WASA Lahore as the payee along with your WASA account number. Confirm the bill amount and pay directly from your bank account.

Onboarding of Payment Gateways

WASA has also enabled online payment gateways on its website for direct bill payment using debit/credit cards. Customers can pay using PayPak, 1Link, etc for convenience. More payment options provide customers flexibility.

The availability of digital channels has enabled customers to pay their water bills from home without having to physically visit payment points or stand in long queues.

Navigating WASA’s Online Services

WASA Lahore offers customers key online services on its website including an online payment portal and access to important information and updates.

Online Payment Portal

WASA’s online bill payment facility allows customers to pay their water utility bills digitally without visiting physical counters. To use the online payment portal:

First visit WASA Lahore’s website www.wasa.gop.pk and click on the “Online Bill Payment” tab on the homepage. This will open the payment portal. 

Next, select your consumer category – domestic, commercial, industrial etc. based on the account you want to pay for. Then input your 12-13 digit consumer account number and select the bill period you need to make payment.

You will then be shown the bill amount payable. Choose your preferred payment method – credit card, debit card, internet banking etc. Input your payment details on the secure gateway to complete the transaction. 

A payment confirmation will be displayed and emailed to you indicating successful payment for your records.

Paying bills through WASA’s instant online payment portal offers multiple benefits. It enables 24/7 payment availability from the comfort of your home. Customers can avoid visiting bank branches or WASA cash counters in person. Digital payments are fast and eliminate the need to stand in long queues. It is an efficient and hassle-free way to pay WASA bills on time every month.

Access to Information on the W&S Division Website

In addition to online bill payment, WASA Lahore’s website for its Water & Sanitation division provides customers access to useful information and updates.

The homepage itself contains quick links for online bill payment, tender notices, careers, and important announcements. Customers can find current info here.

Key sections like “Water Supply” and “Sewerage” provide details on WASA’s extensive water and sewerage projects across Lahore. Updates on new infrastructure are posted regularly.

The News & Announcements section displays WASA’s latest press releases and notices to customers regarding new initiatives, supply disruptions etc.

The About Us page offers an organizational overview and outlines WASA’s responsibilities in water, sanitation, and drainage.

Contact information for zonal offices and customer care centers is listed for complaints/queries

In Downloads, forms, regulations, and annual reports can be accessed.

Regularly visiting these informative sections of the website keeps customers aware of WASA’s work and announcements impacting service delivery.

The user-friendly website enables customers to conveniently access bill payment services and important WASA updates online through their desktop or mobile devices.

How to Lodge Complaints

Call CC Complaint Cell at 1334

WASA Lahore provides a dedicated Complaint Cell accessible 24/7 through the toll-free number 1334. This ensures immediate support for addressing your concerns.

Visit WASA Zonal Office Complaint Cell

You can visit the nearest WASA zonal office and approach their Complaint Cell in person. This option allows for face-to-face interaction and resolution.

Submit an Online Complaint Form

The convenience of the digital age allows you to submit complaints online through the official WASA website. This method offers a quick and paperless way to communicate your issues.

Email Complaint to info@wasa.gop.pk: Send your complaint via email to info@wasa.gop.pk. This method is ideal for those who prefer electronic communication and documentation.

Send a Written Complaint by Post/Fax

Traditional methods of communication are also accepted. You can write a formal complaint letter and send it by post or fax to the appropriate WASA department.

For Complaints Call Free At 091 92 17 135

An additional toll-free number, 091 92 17 135, is available for free-of-charge complaints, ensuring accessibility for everyone.

Services Tailored for Different Users

WASA Lahore caters to the diverse needs of its residents and businesses through a range of services and initiatives designed to meet specific requirements.


Key Services and Initiatives include:

Domestic Water Supply and Sewerage Connections 

WASA Lahore ensures that residents have access to clean and safe drinking water while also providing reliable sewerage connections to maintain sanitation.

New Housing Society Project Approvals

To accommodate the growing population, WASA Lahore collaborates with new housing societies, facilitating water supply and sewerage infrastructure approvals.

Community Awareness Campaigns

WASA actively engages in community awareness campaigns to educate residents on water conservation, hygiene practices, and responsible water usage.


Commercial and Industrial Connections

Businesses can benefit from specialized water and sewerage connections tailored to their commercial and industrial needs, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Trade Effluent Regulation

WASA Lahore regulates trade effluents to protect the environment and public health, while also assisting businesses in managing their wastewater responsibly.

Recycled Water Supply Tanker Service

As part of sustainable practices, WASA offers recycled water supply through tanker services to businesses, promoting resource conservation.

WASA Lahore’s commitment to addressing feedback, tailoring services, and engaging with various user groups underscores its dedication to providing efficient water and sanitation solutions for the community.

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