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Click here to check your iesco bill by entering the bill reference number. Islamabad Electric Supply Company was built in 1998. It supplies electricity to all nearby areas of Islamabad’s capital territory. It works under WAPDA.  Around 3.2 million users of iesco. Consumers receive their monthly bill depending on their usage for a whole month. Mostly they receive their IESCO bill directly in their homes but others check their IESCO bill online. What they do is just go to and enter their 14-digit reference number and they can get a duplicate iesco bill immediately at their home. Iesco online bill check is very helpful to all consumers because they don’t need to go anywhere physically to receive and check their bill online.

Iesco Online is committed to the environmentally friendly sustainable power supply in thick and thin. Iesco employees are dear to iesco and they provide universal health coverage to their employees.

Check Bill offers you this facility to check your all electricity bills online free of cost. We did not ask for any amount or charges to check your electricity bill online. Furthermore, you can get a monthly subscription from our website which will allow you to check iesco monthly bill online. We send a free SMS on your contact number each month about how much the bill is due to you. Simply add your contact number and get a free update about the online iesco bill.

Duplicate IESCO Bill

Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) was created in 1998 as a subcategory of WAPDA. It is responsible for the supply and distribution of electricity in the Islamabad region of Pakistan. It ensures the availability of electricity in its region according to a set schedule. The company sells electricity in the areas of Attock to Jehlum and then further from the Indus River to the Neelum River in Kashmir. Besides being the sole provider of electricity to 3.2 million consumers in the capital, IESCO is also a source of income for myriads of people in the region. It also covers the various health and medical facilities of its staff besides a good pay scale. It is one of the most organized and committed companies in our country. IESCO ensures that the proper security measures are being taken during the prompt supply of electricity throughout its allotted region.

Electricity is one of the most consumed forms of power resources in the World. It is not only responsible for running our everyday errands e.g. doing laundry, ironing clothes etc. but is also used in factories to run huge machines which in return earn a good amount of cash flow for the prosperity of the country.

The electricity consumed by different consumers is billed monthly by the billing system and these bills are dispatched in hard form physically to their homes, offices, or factories. The rate of electricity charged is higher for businesses as compared to domestic consumers. Being a scarce form of energy, the bills charged are always heavy on the purse. Moreover, if there is a delay in the payment of bills before the due date mentioned on the bills, there is a good amount of fine which is supposed to be paid along with the original payment. This fine amount keeps on adding as the days go by without a bill being paid if you have lost your bill and now can’t find it around. That is where the duplicate copy of the IESCO duplicate bill copy comes in handy.

Also, People have to stand in long queues to pay their electricity bills in allotted branches of different banks. It is not only quite hectic but also a waste of time and energy. It is also a great hassle to pay bills on time, as beyond the due date, there is a good percentage of fine which is imposed on late payment of the bill. Besides there is also a great chance that the hard copy is either lost by people or in extreme cases, never reaches the right address in time. This all results in a good extra amount to be paid along with the due bill depending upon the number of delayed days.

Therefore, to keep things smooth and convenient The Government of Pakistan has now built an electronic system to check your IESCO bill online from the comfort of your home. IESCO’s online bill check facility has made the billing system a lot easier than before. Now you don’t need to stand in never-ending long queues to pay your bills, rather you can now pay your electricity bills online through the online banking system which is now just a click away.

In case you have lost the hard copy of your electricity bill, you can always get a duplicate of it from our website. You only have to make sure to provide the correct reference number and your duplicate bill is just a click away.

So, in short, if you have lost your bills, you can now get a copy of all your IESCO Wapda bills just by one click. We have made it easier for you to get your IESCO duplicate bill without any hustle. 

Also, the good news is besides providing duplicate utility bills to the residents of Islamabad, we have also managed to arrange the bills for all other major cities of Pakistan. Therefore, even if you reside in a city other than Islamabad, we have your duplicate bills arranged for you at one place.

How to check iESCO Bill Online

Technological advancements have made everything better and more accessible nowadays. For instance, just through smartphones or laptops, a person can get online educational services, jobs, and the payment of dues such as electricity bills, gas bills or water bills, and many others. In the same manner, the services for IESCO are also available online. IESCO, abbreviated for “Islamabad Electricity Supply Company,” was formed in 1998 to take over the assets and responsibilities of the Islamabad Electricity Board. Then it was a division of WAPDA.

IESCO is now playing a crucial role in the supply and distribution of electricity. It also sells electric power in Attock to Jhelum and from River Indus to River Neelum, located in Kashmir. The provision of its services has made the lives of people of these areas more comfortable.

In addition to this, the strategic vision of the IESCO is to provide the community with its well-being services by providing leadership in the aspects of sustainable development and incorporating sustainability principles. It is also committed to promptly creating an environmentally responsible culture and continuous improvement in its performance. Not only for the community, but its services are also available to its staff. It provides its staff and their families with the surety of their safety by providing universal health coverage.

Moreover, IESCO also provides its users with numerous online facilities, such as online duplicate bills, online payments of those bills, and online complaint assets. Furthermore, a person can also get the print of the bill if he has lost his bill or the bill was not delivered in time for the payment due date.

The procedure of checking the IESCO bill online:

There are several ways to check the IESCO bill online; instances are given here:

For the online checking of the IESCO bill, a person must have the reference number, which is always present on the bill. Any old IESCO electricity bill can check for the reference number as it’s always the same for one consumer. It is a 14-digit code, which is as important as an account number. Therefore, it is being instructed to the consumers holding such bills to take care of such necessary information.

Once the reference number is obtained, it is now a matter of a click for a person to get the IESCO bill online.

  • Firstly, open the website and check the customer services option on the top header present on the third number from the left side.
  • After this, clicking on the option of viewing the bill and inserting the reference number in that option may solve the problem.
  • Eventually, the print of that bill can also be obtained.

To sum it all up, anyone can trace the bill online by providing the website with their reference number, even on a mobile phone. So, now it is not difficult for a person to wait for the IESCO bill till its last date, as now it is feasible for almost everyone to get such an online service in hand with the help of smartphones or laptops just with a bit of effort.

IESCO Structure and Operations

Circles and Divisions

IESCO covers the electricity distribution needs for Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab provinces. For administrative purposes, IESCO’s operational jurisdiction is divided into 7 Circles:

  • Islamabad Circle
  • Rawalpindi Circle
  • Jhelum Circle
  • Attock Circle
  • Chakwal Circle
  • Taxila Circle
  • Wah Circle

Each circle is further divided into divisions and subdivisions. The Islamabad Circle has a maximum number of 4 divisions and 10 subdivisions. The subdivisions allow localized operations and management of the distribution network.

The circles and divisions enable systematic billing, technical work, complaint redressal, and other electricity distribution functions across IESCO’s widespread territory. The subdivision staff regularly interacts with consumers for new connections, bill payments, and complaint registration.

Service Areas

IESCO serves over 2.4 million consumers across more than 50,000 square kilometers. The major areas getting electricity supply from IESCO are:

  • Islamabad Capital Territory
  • Rawalpindi City
  • Potohar Town
  • Haripur
  • Attock
  • Jhelum
  • Chakwal
  • Talagang
  • Kahuta

Both urban neighborhoods and rural villages are included in IESCO’s customer base. The company has to manage electricity distribution across this diverse geographical footprint consisting of hills, plains, and urban metro areas.

Helpline and Complaint Channels

For customer support and complaint redressal, IESCO provides multiple contact options:

  • 24/7 Helpline: Consumers can call 118 or 051925118 to reach IESCO’s customer support team
  • Complaint Offices: Each division has a complaint office where consumers can visit to submit their grievance
  • SMS and Email: Complaint registration through SMS to 8118 or email to
  • Mobile App and Website: Complaints can be lodged through IESCO’s mobile app or their website

Consumers can track their complaint status by calling the helpline. IESCO aims to address consumer complaints promptly as per statutory guidelines by NEPRA.

Strategic Vision

IESCO has outlined its strategic vision to provide reliable and uninterrupted electricity supply across its service territory. Some key aspects of their strategy are:

  • Infrastructure Upgrade – To reduce power losses, IESCO is working on projects to shift overhead power lines underground. Smart meters are also being installed.
  • Harnessing Technology – IESCO aims to utilize technology like automated meter reading, outage management systems and enterprise resource planning to enhance operations.
  • Sustainable Growth – With rising power needs, IESCO plans grid expansion and utilization of renewable energy to ensure sustainable operations.
  • Financial Stability – Maintaining profitability and cost efficiency is a priority to enable investments for upgrading infrastructure.
  • Customer Satisfaction – Timely complaint resolution and quality customer service is a key focus area.

Understanding Your IESCO Bill

Reference Number and Consumer ID

The IESCO bill issued every month contains two important identification numbers – the reference number and the consumer ID.

The reference number, also known as the account number, is a unique 14-15 digit number that is assigned to each electricity connection. It remains unchanged and associates the customer with the specific connection and meter. This number is crucial for accessing and paying monthly bills.

The consumer ID or CRN number is a 12-digit identification number also printed on the IESCO bill. Unlike the reference number, the consumer ID may change if the electricity connection is transferred to a new customer. But it can also be used for bill payments.

Both these numbers help link the customer to the connection, meter, and bill. Consumers should check that both numbers on the bill match their connection details. These identification numbers are vital for any bill-related queries.

Details of Applicable Taxes

The IESCO electricity bill does not just include charges for units consumed but also has various taxes and surcharges mandated by government authorities.

The most common ones are:

  • GST at 13% applied on the total monthly bill amount
  • Fixed TV Fee of Rs. 35 per month
  • Electricity Duty from 15 to 25 paisas per unit based on slab
  • Fuel Price Adjustment (FPA) to factor fuel cost variations
  • Quarterly Tariff Adjustment (QTA) representing power purchase expenses
  • Tariff Rationalization Surcharge levied by NEPRA

The taxes and levies make up 20-30% of the typical IESCO bill amount. Consumers must check the bill to ensure the taxes charged match the prevailing government rates.

Calculating Total Bill Amount

The IESCO bill’s total amount is calculated by:

  • Multiplying units consumed with applicable per unit tariff as per slab
  • Adding fixed meter rent, TV fee, and other regular charges
  • Levying taxes and surcharges at respective percentages on a total of above
  • Adjusting any subsidies, arrears, or previous dues
  • Deducting any rebates such as prompt payment rebate

The bill shows the step-wise breakup of these components so consumers can cross-check and ensure billing accuracy.

Accessing Previous Bills

Consumers can check previous month’s bill on their online account through IESCO’s website. Bills of up to last 6 months are available for reference and downloading.

Alternatively, consumers can visit their subdivision office with the reference number and get copies of previous bills printed out. Having access to older bills helps compare consumption month-wise and identify any discrepancies.

Paying Your IESCO Bill Online

Paying your electricity bill on time is essential to avoid any disruption in power supply. IESCO (Islamabad Electric Supply Company) offers multiple online payment options for customers to pay their bills conveniently from home. This article provides a comprehensive guide on paying IESCO bills through digital channels.

Online Payment Methods for IESCO Bill

IESCO has enabled various digital platforms for customers to pay their monthly electricity bills without any hassle. The main online payment methods include:

  • Internet Banking – Customers can use the net banking facilities of partner banks like MCB, HBL, ABL, etc. to make IESCO bill payments 24/7.
  • Mobile Banking Apps – Major banks offer mobile apps for bill payments. Consumers can pay using apps like MCB Lite, HBL Konnect, ABL Genie, etc.
  • Mobile Wallets – Popular mobile wallets like JazzCash, EasyPaisa, Upaisa allow bill payment via linked debit/credit card or mobile balance.
  • IESCO Website – Customers can pay directly through the IESCO website using their debit/credit card.
  • Authorized Merchants – Bills can be paid by scanning the QR code on the bill at designated banks, retail outlets, and merchants.
  • Money Transfer Services – Options like Western Union and MoneyGram can be used to pay IESCO bills at participating branches and outlets.

Step-by-Step Guide for Online IESCO Bill Payment

The process of paying your IESCO electricity bill through internet or mobile banking is quick and simple:

  1. Log in to your bank’s net banking or mobile app and go to the bill payments or funds transfer section.
  2. Select IESCO from the list of billers. You may have to first add it as a registered biller.
  3. Enter your 14-15 digit IESCO reference number mentioned on the bill.
  4. Input the exact bill amount that needs to be paid.
  5. Select the bank account you want to make the payment from.
  6. Carefully review all entered details and confirm them.
  7. Complete the payment through the gateway using OTP or password authentication.
  8. Save the online payment acknowledgment receipt for future reference.

Receiving Monthly IESCO Bills by Email

You can opt to go paperless and receive IESCO bills directly to your email every month. Just follow these steps:

  1. Visit the IESCO website and sign up for an online account, if not already registered.
  2. Go to the ‘Register for E-Bill’ section and enter your reference number.
  3. Provide the email ID you wish to link and confirm it through a verification code sent to that email.
  4. Your monthly bills will now be emailed to you on generation.

Checking IESCO Bill Payment Status Online

To confirm if your online payment has been received and adjusted against your IESCO bill, you can:

  • Call the 24/7 IESCO helpline and provide your reference number.
  • Check your updated bill on the IESCO website using your online account credentials.
  • Refer to the payment acknowledgment from your bank showing transaction success.
  • Visit your area’s IESCO subdivision office with payment details for verification.

So by using the myriad of digital payment facilities, you can easily pay your monthly electricity bills and get instant payment confirmation. Just ensure you have your IESCO reference number handy to make the process quick and hassle-free.

How to Reduce Your IESCO Electricity Bill

With electricity tariffs on the rise, it is becoming imperative for consumers to take steps to conserve power and reduce their monthly electricity bills. Here are some useful tips IESCO customers can follow to lower their power consumption and get more affordable bills.

Energy Conservation Tips

  1. Use energy-efficient LED lights – Replacing traditional bulbs with LED lights can lead to over 80% savings on lighting costs. Always opt for LEDs while buying new bulbs.
  2. Set optimal AC temperature – Keep the AC temperature at 24oC and use energy saver mode to lower its power use. Also, clean AC filters regularly to improve efficiency.
  3. Utilize fans – Fans consume far less electricity than ACs. Use ceiling fans at the proper speed and direction to keep rooms well-ventilated.
  4. Turn off standby power – When not in use, turn off appliances and gadgets completely. Disable standby power modes to avoid phantom load.
  5. Run washing machine and dishwasher with full load – Wait until you have full load to use the washing machine or dishwasher. Use the economy cycle.
  6. Optimize refrigerator use – Place the fridge away from direct sunlight and maintain distance between it and the wall for better efficiency.
  7. Cook efficiently – Use pressure cookers instead of electric stoves for cooking. Cook food in batches to avoid reheating again and again.

Understanding IESCO Peak and Off-Peak Hours

IESCO divides hours of the day into peak and off-peak hours based on electricity demand.

  • Peak hours from 6 PM to 10 PM have the highest demand. Electricity tariff is also elevated during these hours.
  • Off-peak hours with lower rates are from 10 PM to 9 AM and 1 PM to 4 PM.

Plan your household chores accordingly. Run heavy appliances like washing machine and dishwasher in off-peak hours. Use timers for geysers and heaters to operate only during off-peak hours.

Adjusting the Electricity Billing Cycle

The IESCO bill payment date depends on meter reading date, which varies monthly. Consumers can request a one-time adjustment of their billing cycle by 2-7 days.

This allows setting a fixed suitable bill payment date every month via standing instructions. It avoids the hassle of paying bills on short notice or delays due to varying cycle.

By adopting these energy saving tips and optimizing your IESCO billing cycle, you can bring down your monthly electricity expenses significantly. Be a responsible consumer and do your bit for conservation.

Troubleshooting IESCO Billing Issues

Despite best efforts, IESCO customers may occasionally face certain issues with their electricity bills. However, these problems can be resolved by taking appropriate steps.

What to Do if Bill Amount Seems Incorrect

At times, the IESCO bill amount may appear unusually high or inflated. In such cases:

  • Carefully check the per unit rate, units consumed, meter rent, taxes etc. to ensure no component is erroneously calculated.
  • Review your power usage patterns the past month to rule out any spike on your end.
  • Compare the bill with those of previous 2-3 months to check for consistency.
  • If billing inaccuracy is suspected, contact IESCO immediately for a joint meter inspection. Submit a reading photo if possible.
  • If an error is established after inspection, get the rectified bill issued after meter testing.

Checking Bill Against Meter Reading

To validate bill units with actual consumption:

  • Note down the meter reading on bill issuance date as per display.
  • Take a second reading on the bill payment due date just before paying.
  • Units calculated between the two readings must match the bill units.
  • Raise a complaint if the variance is noticed. The meter can be inspected.
  • Click pictures of readings with date stamps as proof.

Changing Name on Electricity Connection

For name change on IESCO connection:

  • Apply through the subdivision office along with the required ID and address proofs.
  • Get a No Objection Certificate from the previous owner if transferred or inherited.
  • Pay a name change fee of Rs. 300 and a security deposit as applicable.
  • Receive revised bills within 2 billing cycles post change request.
  • Update account credentials on the IESCO portal and linked payment apps.

By promptly identifying and troubleshooting IESCO billing issues, consumers can avoid unnecessary penalties, disputes, and grievances.


Paying electricity bills on time is crucial for uninterrupted power supply from IESCO. This article provided a comprehensive guide on online bill payment methods, calculating bill components, reducing usage, and troubleshooting billing issues.

Key takeaways include:

  • IESCO offers multiple online payment channels like mobile/internet banking, authorized merchants, and e-portals.
  • Reference number and consumer ID are unique to each connection and critical for bill access.
  • Taxes like GST, TV fees,s, and surcharges make up 20-30% of typical IESCO bills.
  • Adjusting peak/off-peak appliance use, upgrading lights/ACs, and optimizing the billing cycle helps lower electricity expenditure.
  • In case of billing disputes, consumers can leverage options like meter inspections, bill re-issuance and lodging complaints.

As power costs rise, it becomes even more important for consumers to pay bills on time, conserve energy and judiciously use electricity. By adopting the guidelines discussed, IESCO customers can manage their electricity usage and billing efficiently. The online channels allow comfortable remote bill payments along with hassle-free tracking. Pay your IESCO bills on time and continue enjoying uninterrupted electricity supply.

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