k-electric Duplicate Bill

k-electric Duplicate Bill


K-electric stands for Karachi electric. It is a power distribution company that operates in Karachi Pakistan. Formally it was known as Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESCO). It provides electricity to all residential and commercial usage. According to resources, it has been found that there are more than 2.5 million consumers of K electric in the city. KE has proud of being the most dynamic organization in the country that aspires to serve the people of Karachi with great dedication and aims with the support of all stakeholders.

This is the only company in the country that perform all its tasks by itself from generation, transmission, and distribution to consumers. People are thanking to KE for providing the facility of checking their  K electric bill duplicates.

A few times ago people only have physical availability of K-electric bills, but now consumers can also download K electric duplicate bills by just visiting this site. For our user’s convenience, we have gathered all billing sources and provided them online access to have k electric duplicate bill.

To download a  monthly KE Bill is not a difficult task now. When people are not at home or are on vacation far away from their home, they may miss their monthly K electric bill but if they use the internet then they can check duplicate bills of k electric online form their comfort zone.

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How to k-electric Bill Online

The letter K stands for Karachi electric bills, which are given to citizens’ homes every month. Usually, it is sent to people’s houses, but K Electric has made it easy to check your bill online through their website, so you don’t have to leave your house. This post will show you how to download duplicate bills from an internet domain. When it comes to duplicate bills, you may have to stand in line for hours to collect your electricity bill, but technology has progressed and now allows individuals to check their bills online without any hassle.


Follow these few steps to Check your duplicate bill online:


  • Click the “View Bill” button at the bottom of the Bills and E-payments page under the Customer Services section. 
  • Fill in your consumer number and any extra information, such as your account number, email address, and mobile phone number. 
  • The code will appear after this step, and you must enter it. 
  • Click the ‘View Bill’ button after inputting the code.
How to check bill online

This was a general process explaining step by step that how you can check you karachi electric bill online. If you understand the process then visit this site and click at the start of this page on Click to enter your bill refrence number above.

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