K-Electric Duplicate Bill

K-electric stands for Karachi Electric. It is a power distribution company that operates in Karachi Pakistan. Formally it was known as Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESCO). It provides electricity to all residential and commercial. According to resources, it has been found that there are more than 2.5 million consumers of K electric in the city. KE is proud of being the most dynamic organization in the country that aspires to serve the people of Karachi with great dedication and aims with the support of all stakeholders.

This is the only company in the country that performs all its tasks by itself from generation, transmission, and distribution to consumers. People are thanking KE for providing the facility of checking their KE duplicate bills like the sngpl online bill check facility.

A few times ago people only had physical availability of K-electric bills, but now consumers can also download K-electric duplicate bills by just visiting this site. For our users’ convenience, we have gathered all billing sources and provided them online access to have k-electric duplicate bills.

Now the KE duplicate bill download is not a difficult task. When people are not at home or are on vacation far away from their homes, they may miss their monthly K electric bill but if they use the internet then they can check duplicate bills of k-electric online from their comfort zone.

How to check k-electric Bill Online

The letter K stands for Karachi electric bills, which are given to citizens’ homes every month. Usually, it is sent to people’s houses, but K Electric has made it easy to check your k.e duplicate bill online through their website, so you don’t have to leave your house. This post will show you how to download duplicate bills from an internet domain. When it comes to K electric bill, you may have to stand in line for hours to collect your Karachi electricity bill, but technology has progressed and now allows individuals to check duplicate ke duplicate bills without any hassle through K Electric online bill check service provided here on this website.

Follow these few steps to Check your duplicate bill online

  • Click the “View Bill” button at the bottom of the Bills and E-payments page under the Customer Services section. 
  • Fill in your consumer number and any extra information, such as your account number, email address, and mobile phone number. 
  • The code will appear after this step, and you must enter it. 
  • Click the ‘View Bill’ button after inputting the code.
How to check bill online

This was a general process explaining step by step that how you can check you karachi electric bill online. If you understand the process then visit this site and click at the start of this page on Click to enter your bill refrence number above and get your k electric duplicate bill online.

K-Electric Duplicate Bill Payment Online 

In addition to checking your bill digitally, K-Electric’s online platforms allow you to quickly and securely pay your bill without any hassle. Some ways you can pay your K-Electric duplicate bill online include:

K-Electric Bill Payment Portal

Go official site of K-electric and log into your account to make instant online payments by debit/credit card, digital wallet, mobile banking, etc.

Mobile App

Use K-Electric’s mobile app on Android/iOS to pay 24/7 using saved payment methods.

Net Banking

K-Electric bill payments can be made directly via your bank’s net banking facility.


The JazzCash mobile wallet lets you easily pay your K-Electric bill on the go.


Telenor’s EasyPaisa digital financial services app can also be used to pay K-Electric bills.

Online payments offer a convenient way to settle your electricity bill without having to visit K-Electric offices or banks in person. Payment receipts are instantly generated online. You can also opt for recurring auto-payments to ensure you never miss a due date.

K-Electric offers several options for customers to easily check their latest electricity bill details online:

How to check K Electric Meter Reading 

Checking the meter reading on your K-Electric bill allows you to understand your power usage for the month. Meter readings will indicate the units consumed and help you identify any abnormal usage.

To check your meter reading online:

– Log into your account on K-Electric’s website/app and open your latest bill. 

– The meter reading will be shown at the top of the bill indicating units consumed for the billing period. 

– Compare it to readings from previous months to identify usage patterns and spikes.

– Higher meter readings indicate greater power consumption than usual. This could be from increased appliances usage, guests at home or an electrical issue.

– Troubleshoot the cause of high readings and adjust usage to lower your monthly bill.

Monitoring your meter readings regularly is advised to catch any unusual activity and electricity waste early on. This can help save costs in the long run.

SMS Service of K-Electric

To provide added convenience to customers, K-Electric offers an SMS service that sends your monthly electricity bill directly to your phone. This allows you to receive and review your bill promptly without having to wait for the paper bill.

How to Register for SMS Service

Registering for K-Electric’s SMS service is quick and easy:

– Call K-Electric’s helpline at 118 or SMS ‘REG’ to 8119.

– Provide your reference account details when prompted. This includes Account Number, Meter Number etc.  

– Confirm your mobile number.

– You will receive an SMS confirming registration success.

– Going forward, you will receive SMS notifications whenever your new bill is generated with bill amount and due date. 

This saves the hassle of having to periodically check your account or wait for paper bills by mail. The SMS service is free for all K-Electric customers.

How to De-Register SMS Service

If you wish to deactivate the K-Electric SMS service in the future, simply:

– Call 118 or SMS ‘DEREG’ to 8119 from your registered mobile number.

– Provide your account details for verification. 

– You will receive a confirmation SMS that the service has been deactivated.

– Paper bills will resume based on your normal billing cycle.

The SMS service makes staying on top of your electricity expenses efficient. Opt out any time if you would prefer paper billing.

WhatsApp Service of K-Electric

In addition to SMS, K-Electric has also introduced a WhatsApp self-service chatbot for customers. This virtual assistant chatbot provides real-time account information, bill details and customer support services through WhatsApp messaging.

To use the WhatsApp Chatbot:

– Save K-Electric’s WhatsApp number +92348-0000118 to your contacts. 

– Send “Hi” to the number on WhatsApp to activate the chatbot.

– Follow the prompts to enter your reference account details.

– The chatbot will fetch your latest bill data and share it via WhatsApp.

This provides 24/7 instant access to your billing information even without an internet connection. Queries can also be addressed by the intelligent chatbot. WhatsApp’s ubiquity in Pakistan makes this a convenient self-service channel.

KESC Tenders 

K-Electric frequently floats new tenders and opens bidding opportunities for major contracts. These tenders allow registered contractors and vendors to apply for providing supplies, machinery and services across K-Electric’s generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure.

Active tenders are advertised on K-Electric’s website and contain:

– Details on technical specifications and eligibility criteria 

– Scope of work required

– Terms and conditions

– Bidding timeline and deadlines

– Contact information 

Interested companies meeting the required qualifications can submit bids and apply to work on critical K-Electric projects. This allows increased transparency and competition.

KESC Duplicate Electric Bill withholding Tax Certificate

K-Electric is obligated to collect withholding tax on behalf of the Federal Board of Revenue on all electricity bills as per tax laws. This applies to both commercial and domestic bills. 

The tax withheld is indicated on your K-Electric duplicate bill for each billing period. The collected amounts are deposited to the government treasury.

You can also request annual withholding tax deduction certificates from K-Electric by providing your account information. These certificates will detail the total tax withheld across the year which can be presented at the time of annual tax filings.

Information for Non-Tax filers

According to regulations by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), K-Electric is required to apply increased withholding tax rates for customers who do not file tax returns. 

For non-filers, the tax rate is 20% higher versus filers on the same bill amount. This differential applies to both commercial and residential K-Electric bills.

To avoid the higher tax deduction, customers should ensure they file their annual tax returns on time. Non-resident Pakistanis are exempt from filing returns and taxes in Pakistan provided their electricity bills are under a certain limit. FBR’s website contains additional information on tax filing eligibility criteria.

By staying compliant with tax filing requirements, you can avoid increased withholding tax on your monthly K-Electric bills.

KE Staff 

K-Electric employs over 11,000 professionals across various functions including Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Finance, Customer Services, Engineering and more. 

Some key executives and personnel include:

Syed Moonis Abdullah Alvi- CEO 

Muhammad Aamir Ghaziani- Chief Financial Officer

FAWAD ALI GILANI- Chief Distribution Officer

Rizwan Dalia- Chief People Officer

K-Electric continues to expand its workforce across operational divisions as well as customer-facing roles needed to serve 2.5 million+ customers. It is one of the largest private-sector employers in Karachi spanning diverse functions.

K-Electric serves the following areas

As the sole vertically integrated power utility in Karachi, major areas served by K-Electric include:

– Karachi City

– Karachi Cantonment 

– DHA Karachi

– Clifton 

– Korangi 

– Landhi 

– Orangi 

– Lyari

– Malir

– Shah Faisal Colony

– Korangi Creek Industrial Park

– Port Qasim 

K-Electric’s network spans over 6,000 square kilometers supplying electricity needs of Pakistan’s largest city and business hub.

K-Electric’s Customer Services and Assistance

To assist over 2.5 million customers, K-Electric provides multiple customer support channels:

Call Center Helpline 

24/7 Call Center at 118 for billing, complaints and general queries.

nearest K-Electric Customer Care Centers for account support and offline payments.

Bulk SMS Service

For bill updates, payment reminders, outage alerts from 8119

Social Media

Facebook and Twitter support for public inquiries and feedback.

Email/Online Complaint Forms

For registered complaints and written queries.

Web Chat

Live chat function on K-Electric’s website.

Mobile App

For managing account, bill payments and lodging complaints on the go.

Reporting Technical Complaints

Load shedding, power failures, flickering lights, downed wires and other technical issues can be reported to K-Electric’s 24/7 call center at 118. 

Provide pole number and area details. Online complaint forms are also available. K-Electric aims to address urgent safety and power outage issues promptly.

Account Registration Assistance  

To register a new connection or K-Electric account, visit your nearest K-Electric customer center with required documents. Required forms, ID documents and procedures are available on the website.

You can also contact K-Electric call center or live chat for account registration assistance and transferring existing connections.

Dealing with Load Shedding Issues

With power shortages, K-Electric publishes load shedding schedules on its website showing power outage timings in different areas.

Load shedding exemptions apply for critical institutions like hospitals. Complain immediately if excessive unscheduled load shedding occurs in your area.

You can also opt-in to receive SMS alerts regarding load shedding schedule changes. Stay prepared with backup power sources like UPS/generators where possible.

Bill Inquiry Support 

For billing clarifications, discrepancies or payment issues, call the K-Electric helpline at 118 from your registered mobile number. Your issue will be addressed after account verification.

You can also email details of the billing inquiry or complaint to K-Electric for documented records. Provide your account details and nature of the issue.

Opting for K-Electric’s Mobile Service

The KE Mobile App (for iOS and Android) offers a convenient self-service option for customers. 

You can view live energy consumption, pay bills via saved payment methods 24/7, and log complaints regarding outages or safety issues. Push notifications alert you to new bills, payment reminders etc.

Download the app and register your account by providing the reference details. This provides easy electricity account management on the go.

The Evolution of K-Electric: A Brief History

K-Electric has been powering Karachi through various phases over the past century:

Founding of Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC)

The KESC was founded in 1913 under British colonial rule to meet electricity demand of the city. Its first power generation plant was set up at the Karachi Port Trust in 1917.

Nationalization of KESC

Post-independence, KESC was nationalized in 1952 by the Government of Pakistan as part of industrial nationalization policies. It remained under state ownership for over 5 decades. 

Development of New Electricity Generating Plants

New power plants commissioned over decades as Karachi’s electricity needs rose included Korangi Thermal Station and Bin Qasim Thermal Power Station. 

Privatization of KESC

KESC was privatized in 2005 when Abraaj Capital acquired a 73% stake aiming to turn around the company after years of losses and inefficiency under state management.

Here is the completion of the article:

The Transformation to K-Electric

Rebranded as ‘K-Electric’ in 2014, the company represents Karachi’s strategic shift towards technology driven operations and customer centricity. Network investments, reduction of transmission losses, management overhauls and improving generation capacity were key goals under Abraaj Group’s ownership.

Ownership Structure of K-Electric

In 2009, the Government of Pakistan divested its remaining stake making K-Electric fully privately-owned. Abraaj held 66.4% controlling ownership until 2016 when it sold its stake to Shanghai Electric Power Company Limited.

The current ownership structure of K-Electric is:

– Shanghai Electric Power Company – 66.4%

– Abraaj Group – 0% 

– Institutional Investors – 8.9%

– Retail Investors – 24.7%

Shanghai Electric has continued investing billions of rupees in K-Electric upgrading infrastructure and management.

The Importance of K-Electric in the Region

As the only vertically integrated electric supply company in Karachi, K-Electric is the sole distributor of power to industrial, commercial and residential consumers in Pakistan’s largest city and business hub. 

With a population of over 20 million, Karachi represents over 10% of the country’s population and 25% of its GDP. Reliable power supply is thus critical for the city’s functioning.

K-Electric’s infrastructure serves as the backbone for trade, industry and overall economic activity in the city. Its role is vital and any performance issues or supply failures can severely impact citizens.

Load shedding, over-billing and other consumer issues with K-Electric attract massive public outcry and media coverage due to the utility’s singular importance in the metropolis.

K-Electric Bill Details

All you need to know about your Ke Duplicate Bill.

Decoding the Different Reference Numbers on Your KE Bill

K-Electric monthly electricity bills contain various reference numbers which are important to understand:

Pole Number

 The electric pole ID supplying your home/premises. This identifies your connection point.

Account Number

Your unique customer account number with K-Electric. 

Meter Number

The serial number of the meter installed at your location. 

Bill Number

 Unique serial number of the monthly bill.

Sub Division Code

The supply zone code for your area.

Having these handy details facilitates accessing your account, checking your bill and resolving any discrepancies.

Contact Information for K-Electric Customer Support

You can contact K-Electric for support and complaints via:

– **Call Center**: 118 

– **Email**: customercare@ke.com.pk

– **WhatsApp**: +92-348-0000118

– **Website**: ke.com.pk

– **Twitter**: @KElectricPk

– **Facebook**: @KElectricPk

– **Instagram**: @kelectricpk

– **Mobile App**: ‘KElectricPk’ on Android/iOS

– **Customer Care Centers** across Karachi

Glossary of Terms: Electricity Billing and Technical Jargon Explained

Some common terms seen on K-Electric bills and communications include:


The per-unit rate for electricity consumption. 


Fuel Cost Adjustment reflecting fuel price fluctuations.

TOD Tariff

Time-Of-Day based billing for peak/off-peak hours. 

Fixed Charges

Fixed monthly amount for maintenance.

Load Shedding

Load management outages during power shortage.


Electricity theft through illegal wiring. 

AMI Meters

 Advanced Metering Infrastructure with remote readings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we address some common questions consumers have regarding K-Electric billing, payments and services:

What is supplementary bill k electric?

A supplementary bill is an additional bill charged by K-Electric when your normal billing cycle gets delayed beyond 30 days for any reason. 

It ensures electricity costs for the extra period are billed and recovered based on extrapolated meter readings. This prevents large out-of-cycle bills when your next actual meter reading occurs. Customers must pay supplementary bills on time to avoid disconnection.

How many Grid Stations does K-Electric have?

K-Electric currently has over 150 grid stations installed across its network in Karachi and adjoining areas. These grid stations control power distribution through transformers and feeders, stepping down high voltage power to usable limits. 

Major grid stations include Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Nazimabad, Nagan Chowrangi, Korangi and Landhi. K-Electric continues to invest in additional grid stations to improve reliability and load management capacity.

What are bill installments? 

For convenience of customers, K-Electric allows paying your monthly electricity bill in installments. This avoids having to pay the full lumpsum amount immediately.

Installment options include: 

– Two equal installments with first payment by due date.

– Three equal monthly installments with first payment by due date. 

Customers must request installment plans and provide post-dated cheques as payment security. Installments are subject to a surcharge and conditions apply.

What is K Electric Ramadan Timing for Load Shedding?

K-Electric provides some relief from load shedding for electricity consumers during Ramadan to facilitate fasting and religious activities.

Load shedding hours are reduced and most outages are scheduled before Sehr, Iftar and Taraveeh prayers. Sensitive areas like mosques, Imambargahs and bazaars see minimum load shedding during Ramadan while exemptions are provided on religiously significant days.

What are the latest status of K Electric Shares and the price forecast of these shares?

K-Electric shares are traded on the Pakistan Stock Exchange under the ticker KEL. The company’s market capitalization is over Rs. 65 billion.

In 2022, K-Electric share prices closed around Rs. 4.04, near their 52-week low of Rs. 3.8. Due to circular debt and fuel cost pressures, the stock has declined over 50% from its 5-year high above Rs. 9 in 2017.

Analysts have 12-month target price estimate of Rs. 5.5 to Rs. 6.5 for KEL shares. Enabling investment, reducing T&D losses and tackling load shedding remain key challenges. Privatization also continues looming.

Conclusion: Empowering Karachi with Reliable Electricity 

K-Electric has seen major transformation and ups and downs over the past century serving Karachi’s electricity needs. Its privatization, upgrading of infrastructure, investment in new generation capacity and shift towards technology are positive steps.

However, major challenges remain around load shedding, transmission losses, excessive billing, lack of competition and overall performance issues which affect citizens. But customers now have more avenues to access information and demand transparency. 

We hope this guide to checking your K-Electric duplicate bill online provides convenience and greater control over your electricity expenses. Empowered consumers and enabling technology can together encourage K-Electric to keep improving its services and financial accountability.

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