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SNGPL stands for Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) It was established in the year 1963 under the Companies Act 1913. It provides the facility of sngpl online bill check for its users. You can check SNGPL bills Online free of cost as like ke duplicate bill checking facility.

Initially, this company provided the gas facility to the people of Multan and Rawalpindi. But now it is the largest company serving the country by providing gas to more than 7.22 million consumers.

SNGPL company is operating and maintaining high-pressure gas for consumers with more than 50 years of experience. It also works for designing and constructing new gas pipelines over a wide region for itself and other companies. It has the largest transmission line system over 9,172 KM covering all provinces of Pakistan.

There are many ways for gas bill online check but the easiest and most comfortable way you can check an SNGPL duplicate bill is It covers a wide range of monthly billing companies including electricity bills, LESCO bill, online gas bill, and water bills of wasa online. Many users come to this website for sngpl bill check, and find their gas bill duplicates. They find their sngpl consumer bill very easily and quickly. What you have to do is just visit our site and can check your sngpl duplicate bill online.

Sui gas bill is a kind of utility bill that consumers receive on a monthly basis. Most of them check their Sui gas bill online. These online sites provide a duplicate Sui gas bill that is exactly the same as users receive monthly. SNGPL is doing its best to make it easier for their regular consumers that’s why it provides an online Sui gas bill duplicate option. Sngpl bill check is very easy by just entering the consumer ID they can get a duplicate Sui gas bill.

How to check Gas Bill Online

Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited (SNGPL) is responsible for supplying Natural Gas in Punjab, Khyber Pakhton Khawa Azad Jammu, and Kashmir. It serves around 3.9 million consumers daily in these regions. The company was established first as a private limited company in 1963, but after one year, in 1964, it was converted into a public limited company.

It is interesting to note that the term ‘SUI’ has become synonymous with ‘Natural Gas’ in our country, as the fields of Sui, an area of Natural gas production in Balochistan Province, are one of the largest producers of Natural Gas in Pakistan.

The company is responsible for various tasks, of which are the handling of corrosion and control systems of pipelines and an estimation of cost and design of structures. It is liable for the extensive distribution of channels and the construction of transmission equipment for the company.

Pakistan has progressed leaps and bounds in its field of communication, and the government has made it convenient for the consumers of different utility services to receive a steady supply of gas water, and other energy sources. Being a developing country, the cost of all-natural resources is still prohibitive in Pakistan. The officials always advise making wise use of all forms of energy sources. It helps reduce the bills charged every month, but less use of these sources saves it for more service and helps reduce the load shedding of gas throughout the country.

It is mentioned at the back of all utility bills how a person can reduce their monthly gas bill. It is wise to follow these guidelines and make things light in your pocket.

Sui gas bill is charged at the end of each month, and usually, the bill’s due date is relatively narrow. Due to this reason, it is often a common practice for people to make rounds of banks to inquire about their bills, to save themselves the extra charges to be paid in case of late payment. To overcome this lapse in the system, our government has made the bills available online, and now everyone can receive a copy of their bills from the Internet.

You can now get a duplicate of your SNGPL bill from the comfort of your home just by logging in to our website We have made sure to bring together all utility bills in one place on our website so that you do not need to fret about finding duplicates of your account online from different websites. The following are the steps you can follow to get a copy of your SNGPL bill online from our website;

You can find the blue bar that says Check Bill under the SNGPL logo on our website.

Sui Gas Bill

Once you click the Check Bill tab, you will be directed to a new page that will ask you to enter the reference number of your outstanding bill.

how to check pesco bill online

Once you enter the reference number, you will click on the tab right below it that says ‘view bill’. Right after you click this button, you will be led to a new page that will show you your duplicate bill of SNGPL. If, somehow, you cannot find the reference number, there is also an option of getting your bill with the help of ‘customer ID’.

Sngpl bill last step

A customer ID is unique to every consumer, and it eliminates any mistakes in the ownership of the bill. It can be found on the top right corner of your bill, and type it in the space given as shown in the above reference photo. This will generate a copy of your bill in no time.

SNGPL Head Office Address

For those seeking a direct touchpoint or wish to engage with SNGPL’s dedicated team, the head office stands in the heart of Lahore: Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited, 21-Kashmir Road, Lahore, Pakistan.

SNGPL Areas & Locations

With its footprint spanning extensive parts of Pakistan, SNGPL’s domain envelops urban hubs and rustic terrains alike in the northern territories. From dynamic cities like Lahore, Faisalabad, and Rawalpindi to serene northern alcoves, SNGPL’s expansive network guarantees regular gas deliveries.

Serving Areas

Thanks to its sturdy infrastructure and the relentless efforts of its workforce, SNGPL distributes gas across a significant segment of Pakistan, enveloping regions such as:


The most populous province is also one of SNGPL’s primary service regions, with a significant number of urban and rural consumers.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP)

SNGPL’s network extends to various parts of this province, ensuring gas availability even in the more remote areas.


Apart from these two main regions, SNGPL also has operational areas in the northern parts of Balochistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir.

What is an SNGPL Bill?

An SNGPL Bill is a monthly statement issued by Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited to its consumers. It details the amount of natural gas consumed, applicable charges, and other essential information. This bill is crucial for consumers to understand their consumption patterns and ensure timely payment to prevent any service disruptions.

How to Find Your Consumer Number on the SNGPL Bill

The Consumer Number, often referred to as the Account ID, is a unique identifier for each consumer. This number ensures that your payments and queries are accurately associated with your account.


  • Take out your monthly SNGPL Bill.
  • On the top right-hand side, under the SNGPL logo, you will find a box labeled “Consumer Number” or “Account ID.”
  • This number is usually a combination of digits. Make sure to keep it confidential and handy for any service-related queries or payments.

Bill Types Explained

SNGPL bills vary based on consumption patterns, anomalies, or other specific circumstances. Recognizing the different bill types can help in understanding any variations in monthly charges.

Normal Bill

A regular statement based on your monthly gas consumption. This bill reflects the exact amount of gas used during the billing cycle.

Estimated Bills

In instances where meter readings can’t be taken, SNGPL issues an estimated bill. This estimation is based on your previous consumption patterns. Adjustments are made in the subsequent bill once the actual reading is taken.

Minimum Bill

For consumers who use gas below a certain threshold, a minimum charge is levied to cover basic operational costs. This ensures the availability of gas even when consumption is low.

Sticky / Stopped Meter Bill

If a consumer’s meter malfunctions or stops, SNGPL issues a sticky/stopped meter bill. The bill is based on average past consumption until the meter is repaired or replaced.

Payment Methods and Options

One of the critical aspects of service utility is ensuring timely bill payments. SNGPL recognizes the varied preferences of its consumer base and has thus introduced a plethora of payment avenues, both offline and online. This flexibility aims to simplify the process, making it convenient and efficient for every user.

How to Pay Your SNGPL Bill?

Ensuring timely payments not only maintains an uninterrupted gas supply but also safeguards you from any additional late fees.

Traditional Methods

Paying through the Post Office

An age-old method, simply visit your nearest post office with the bill and make the payment.

Bill payment via Bank

Most local banks accept SNGPL bill payments. Hand over your bill and the payment at the bank counter, and you’ll be provided with a receipt.

Digital Avenues:

Internet and Mobile Banking

Most major banks in Pakistan offer the option to pay utility bills through their internet and mobile banking portals. After logging in, select ‘Utility Bills’, choose ‘SNGPL’, and follow the on-screen instructions.

SNGPL Mobile Application

Apart from viewing your bill, the official SNGPL mobile app also offers a payment option. Integrated payment gateways ensure secure transactions.

Easypaisa Online Billing

This mobile wallet service allows users to pay their gas bills directly through the Easypaisa app or at any Easypaisa shop.

JazzCash: Similar to Easypaisa, JazzCash also offers online bill payment services, either via their app or their retail outlets.

Bank Specific Options

SNGPL Bill payment via myABL Internet Banking

Allied Bank offers a direct payment service for SNGPL bills through their Internet banking platform. Once logged in, navigate to the utility bill payment section.

SNGPL Bill payment via myABL Mobile App

Users of the ABL mobile app can also pay their gas bills directly using the built-in utility bill payment feature.

SNGPL Bill payment via myABL Wallet App

Allied Bank’s digital wallet app also offers this facility, ensuring you have multiple avenues for payment through just one banking platform.

SNGPL Bill Payment via ATM

A large number of ATMs across the country provide an option for utility bill payments. Insert your card, select ‘Bill Payments’ from the menu, and follow the prompts.

SNGPL Bill Payment via Phone Banking

Certain banks also offer telephonic bill payment services. After dialing the bank’s helpline, follow the automated instructions to pay your SNGPL bill.

Support and Consumer Services

Quality customer service is a cornerstone of SNGPL’s commitment to its consumers. From addressing complaints to providing guidance on various aspects of the gas service, SNGPL has established a robust support system to ensure a seamless experience for its consumers.

SNGPL Helpline | Customer Care

Have issues or questions about your gas service? The dedicated customer care team at SNGPL is available to assist. 

Contacting the Helpline

Dial the official SNGPL helpline number 1199

Follow the automated instructions to navigate to the relevant department or service.

Speak with a customer care representative to address your concerns.

SNGPL Complaints Procedure

From billing discrepancies to service disruptions, SNGPL offers a structured process to register and resolve consumer complaints.

Steps to Register a Complaint:

Billing Complaints:

Consumer Bill Calculation

Wondering how your gas bill is calculated? SNGPL employs a transparent billing system based on consumption tiers and current gas rates.



 Your gas meter records the volume of gas consumed in cubic meters (M3). This forms the primary component of your bill.

Tiers & Rates

Gas consumption is categorized into various tiers, each with a specific rate. Your monthly consumption determines the applicable tier and corresponding rate.

Additional Charges

Some bills might include additional charges like late fees, connection fees, or other service-related costs.

SNGPL Online Application & Status Check

For new connections or service alterations, SNGPL offers an online application portal, streamlining the process and ensuring transparency.

Application Process

Visit this URL SNGPL Website;

Navigate to the ‘New Connections’ section.

Fill out the application form with the required details.

Submit and note down the application number for future tracking.

Application Status Check by CNIC:

Visit the SNGPL Website:

Head to ‘Application Status Check’.

Enter your CNIC number.

View the current status of your application.

Consumer Guidance & Resources

SNGPL is committed to facilitating its consumers with comprehensive guidance and resources. This section sheds light on various aspects of consumer services, ensuring that users can make the most of the facilities provided by SNGPL.

Consumer Bill Calculation Explained

Understanding your gas bill is crucial to ensure there aren’t any discrepancies and to be aware of your consumption habits.

Key Components

Volume of Gas

Based on meter readings, the bill reflects the difference between the start and end readings for the month.

Rate Slabs

Your consumption determines the slab rate you fall into. Each slab has a different rate per unit.

Other Charges

This may include late payment fees, connection fees, or other miscellaneous charges.

Fixed Charges in Sui Gas Bills and OGRA Notification

A consistent component of your bill is the fixed charges, regardless of the amount of gas you consume.

Purpose of Fixed Charges

These charges primarily cover the maintenance and operational costs of providing gas services.

OGRA Notifications

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) oversees the pricing mechanism and notifies any changes in the fixed charges. Such notifications are public and can be found on OGRA’s official website.

List of Banks Accepting SNGPL Bills

Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) collaborates with a myriad of banks to simplify the bill payment process for its consumers. By partnering with these financial institutions, SNGPL ensures that customers have multiple avenues, both online and offline, to pay their bills conveniently.

The Benefits of Banking Partnerships

Multiple Payment Channels

Customers have the flexibility to choose between various methods like online banking, mobile banking, ATMs, or physical bank branches.

Reduced Queues

With so many banks offering bill payment services, consumers can experience reduced wait times at payment counters.

Digital Records

Those who opt for online payment methods can easily maintain a digital record of their transactions.

Prompt Notifications

Many banks provide instant notifications upon successful payment, ensuring peace of mind for the consumer.

List of Partner Banks

Here is a list of prominent banks that accept SNGPL bill payments. Note that the availability of services might vary depending on the bank’s policies and regional provisions.

HBL (Habib Bank Limited):

Online Banking: Available for registered users.

Branch Payment: All branches accept bill payments.

MCB (Muslim Commercial Bank):

Online Banking: Offered to registered online banking users.

ATM: Consumers can pay via MCB ATMs using their debit cards.

Branch Payment: All branches cater to SNGPL bill payments.

UBL (United Bank Limited):

Online & Mobile Banking: Available for those enrolled in online or mobile banking.

Branch Payment: All branches facilitate SNGPL bill payments.

Bank Alfalah:

Online Banking: Bill payment service available for online banking customers.

ATM & Branch Payment: Bills can be paid at any ATM or branch of Bank Alfalah.

How to Pay Using Online Banking

Here are the Steps Included:

  • Log in to your bank’s online portal.
  • Navigate to the ‘Utilities’ or ‘Bill Payments’ section.
  • Select ‘SNGPL’ from the list of utilities.
  • Enter your Consumer Number or Account ID.
  • Verify the bill amount and click on ‘Pay Now’.
  • Receive confirmation of successful payment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about SNGPL

Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) caters to a vast array of consumers with varied queries and concerns. To facilitate its consumer base, we’ve collated a list of some frequently asked questions regarding SNGPL and its services.

What is SNGPL?

Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) is Pakistan’s leading integrated gas company. It is responsible for the distribution of natural gas in the northern region of Pakistan.

How can I apply for a new SNGPL connection?

Visit the official SNGPL website and navigate to the ‘Online Applications’ section. Fill out the required details and submit your application. You will receive a reference number, which can be used to track the status of your application.

How do I check the status of my application?

On the SNGPL portal, head to the ‘Application Status’ section. Input your application reference number or verify the status using your CNIC to view the current status.

How is my gas bill calculated?

Your gas bill is determined by several factors, including the volume of gas consumed, rate slabs based on consumption, and any other miscellaneous charges such as late payment fees or connection fees.

Why am I charged a fixed rate in my bill, even if I haven’t consumed any gas?

The fixed charges in your bill cover the operational and maintenance costs of providing gas services, ensuring that the gas is readily available whenever you need it.

How can I lodge a complaint with SNGPL?

You can lodge a complaint by visiting the SNGPL official website, navigating to the ‘Complaints’ section, filling in the required details, and submitting your grievance. Be sure to note down the complaint number provided for future reference.

What should I do if I receive an unusually high gas bill?

If your gas bill seems abnormally high, check your meter readings first. If they appear accurate, and your consumption hasn’t increased dramatically, contact the SNGPL helpline or lodge a complaint online.

Are there any online methods to pay my SNGPL bill?

Yes, many banks offer online payment methods for SNGPL bills. You can also use mobile wallets like Easypaisa and JazzCash for bill payments.

What is the significance of the SuiGas Shutdown Alerts?

SuiGas Shutdown Alerts notify consumers of any scheduled or emergency shutdowns due to maintenance or unexpected issues. This allows consumers to plan and prepare accordingly.

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