K Electric: Helpline, Load Shedding Schedule, Online Complaints, and K Electric Tariff

if you’re a K Electric customer, there are two common issues you might face: load shedding and unexpected bill charges. To address these problems, K Electric has set up an official helpline number (021)99000 and introduced an online platform to lodge a k-electric complain online. You can easily register your complaint whether it is k-electric billing complaint (check here) or k-electric technical complaint (Lodge here).  Karachi electric power supply company has always tried to facilitate its users by providing online facilities. Ke duplicate bill has become an easy option for all k electric users. You may get KE duplicate bill as well as you can download its copy. By downloading your bill, you can check your charges and ensure their accuracy. If you encounter any discrepancies or higher-than-expected charges, you can reach out to the helpline number as given above for your assistance. The helpline staff will guide you through the process of resolving issues related to load shedding and unexpected bill charges, aiming to provide you with a satisfactory solution.

k electric Load Shedding Schedule

Load shedding refers to the deliberate shutdown of the power supply to certain areas for a specific period. This measure is taken by power companies to balance the electricity demand and supply, especially during peak hours or when the electricity grid is under strain. Unfortunately, load shedding can disrupt daily routines, affect businesses, and cause inconvenience to customers. Here you can check the latest update and latest K-electric Load Shedding Schedule for today.

K-electric Tariff and extra bill charges Issues

Another significant concern for K Electric customers is the occurrence of unexpected or excessive bill charges. These discrepancies can cause financial strain and raise doubts about the accuracy of the billing system. It is crucial for customers to address such issues promptly to avoid any unnecessary financial burdens. You can find latest and updated K-electric Tariff here to avoid extra bill charges.

K-electric Complaint Online

To cater to these common grievances, K Electric has established a dedicated helpline number (021)99000 to address customer complaints related to load shedding and extra bill charges. The helpline serves as a direct point of contact for customers, offering assistance and resolution for their concerns. By reaching out to this helpline, customers can voice their complaints and seek clarification on their billing discrepancies.

Resolving Load Shedding Issues

To get your load-shedding complaint resolved, please follow the following procedure.

Contact the helpline

The first step in resolving load-shedding issues is to contact the K Electric Bill Complaint Helpline. The helpline’s number can be found on the official website or on the customer’s bill statement.

Provide necessary details

When calling the helpline, be prepared to provide your customer account number, contact information, and a detailed description of the load-shedding issue you are facing. Accurate information will help the helpline team better understand and address your concern.

Follow up

After lodging your complaint, keep a record of the complaint number provided by the helpline. This will serve as a reference for future communication. Regularly follow up with the helpline team to check on the progress of your complaint.

Resolving Extra Bill Charges Issues

Contact the helpline

Similar to load shedding issues, customers facing unexpected bill charges should contact the K Electric Bill Complaint Helpline to address their concerns.

Provide necessary details

When contacting the helpline regarding extra bill charges, be prepared to provide your customer account number, contact information, and a detailed explanation of the billing discrepancy. Include any supporting documentation or evidence, such as meter readings or previous bills, to strengthen your case.

Request a meter reading

If you suspect an inaccurate reading, request a meter reading to verify the actual consumption. This will help determine if the billing discrepancy is due to a faulty meter or an error in the billing process.

Seek clarification and resolution

Once you have lodged your complaint, the helpline team will investigate the issue. They will provide clarification regarding the extra charges and work towards resolving the matter. Stay in touch with the helpline to receive updates and ensure your complaint is being addressed.


K Electric understands the importance of reliable electricity supply and accurate billing for its customers. By establishing the K Electric Bill Complaint Helpline, the company aims to provide prompt assistance and address common concerns such as load shedding and extra bill charges. Customers are encouraged to utilize this helpline to report their issues, provide necessary details, and seek resolution. With effective communication and cooperation, K Electric and its customers can work together to overcome these challenges and ensure a smoother experience with electricity services.

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How can I contact the K Electric Bill Complaint Helpline?

To contact the K Electric Bill Complaint Helpline, you can dial the dedicated helpline number (021)99000 which is provided by K Electric. The helpline representatives are available to assist you with your load-shedding complaints and duplicate bill inquiries.

What information do I need to provide when registering a k electric load-shedding complaint?

When registering a load shedding complaint, it is helpful to provide specific details such as the affected area, duration of the power outage, and any other relevant information that can help the K Electric representatives understand the issue better. This information will assist them in addressing your complaint promptly.

How can I obtain a duplicate bill from K Electric?

If you need a duplicate bill from K Electric, you can reach out to the K Electric Bill Complaint Helpline. The helpline representatives will guide you through the process and may require your consumer number and relevant personal details to issue a duplicate bill promptly.

Are there any charges associated with registering a complaint or obtaining a duplicate bill?

No, there are no charges for registering a complaint or obtaining a duplicate bill from K Electric. These services are provided to customers free of cost as part of K Electric’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

What is the expected resolution time for load-shedding complaints?

K Electric strives to address load-shedding complaints as quickly as possible. While the exact resolution time may vary depending on the nature and complexity of the issue, the helpline representatives will ensure that your complaint is escalated to the relevant department for prompt action. K Electric is dedicated to resolving complaints and minimizing any inconvenience caused by load shedding.

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